Jingo – Satans Scions MC -Hardback


What part of I don’t date bikers, do you have trouble understanding?

Kat might seem to have it all under control, but underneath that cool facade, she was riding the thin edge of sanity. And a biker who claimed he loved her had put her there. All it would take is one little push, and she would be gone, damaged beyond repair. That had been five years ago, and she had finally moved on with her life. She was not ready to risk it all for a one night stand, no matter how tempting he was. So why was she so intrigued by a singing biker?

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Jingo Monroe was at a crossroads. A short stint in County for punching out a jackass that was beating his ol lady had shown him he was not cut out for jail. The only time he was truly at peace was when he was on stage with the band. It was great. When he sang hearts melted. Life was good until she walked into the MC’s bar. Every alarm went off at once. The mysterious blonde was everything he didn’t want in his life. In that designer silk dress and Italian leather heels, she was definitely not the type of woman he was usually attracted to. But all he could think about was how he would she would feel in his arms. Too bad she was dead set against bikers. He would love to show her everyone that who wore a patch was not the same. The question was, was he ready to risk his way of life? 



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