The Cougar Contract -P


An unsuspecting Gwen finds herself in a forced engagement when her father trades her as collateral in a high stakes poker game. She must find a way to escape the binding contract while trying to cope with the news that she is a shifter herself that will soon come into her first heat.



  When Gwen Marlow’s father invited her to celebrate her eighteenth birthday at his Ski Resort in North Carolina, he forgot to mention a few small details; why he’d vanished from her life, that he drank like a fish, he loved to gamble, and he wasn’t human. Five years earlier Gideon had been dealt the perfect hand, four queens and an ace. Short of cash, he’d used his daughter as collateral in a poker game. Except Otto had four kings and an ace. Now holding the contract, Otto expected Gwen to become his mate. And the leadership of the Pride is too high a stake to gamble away. Gwen has no intention of honoring that contract. One way or another she was getting off that mountain. Even if she had to be carried away in a hearse. After his father’s murder Tyrel Henderson had walked away from his Pride and everything it stood for. Why had he let Gideon talk him into tracking the green eyed blonde in jeans and hiking boots through the Smokey Mountains? She would experience her first heat soon. Fate was still laughing… This steamy paranormal romance book is meant for mature readers and contains graphic sex scenes.


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