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Making Memory

IN 1940 GERMAN SCIENTISTS WANTED TO SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THEY MIXED GENETIC MODIFICATION AND MAGIC IN EMBRYOS. TODAY THEY FOUND OUT. Born to a destiny she never wanted—a destiny that could change Earth as we know it. After six years in the California Child Protective Services care, Memory’s worst nightmare comes to pass when she is jerked away from her California foster home and sent across the country to live with mysterious relatives in the mountains of North Georgia. But Winters Cove was hiding secrets about her family no one wants to get out. Once she arrives, Memory learns information that could shift her belief in everything she’d always thought the truth. The only people she can trust to help her unravel the decades' old mystery and piece together the dangerous puzzle, are her distant cousins Crystal and Cody. As she seeks to discover the source of her burgeoning powers and discover what lies beneath the betrayals, she discovers she is a pawn in a dangerous game. A game in which the rules keep changing. Luckily for her, not following the rules has never been a problem. She was never supposed to be found. Now she’s a target. And as her sixteenth birthday nears, she realizes her time is running out. An Urban Fantasy with a twist, Making Memory combines just enough magic to modern Science Fiction to bring forth a believable story of what could happen when genetic manipulation goes right.